Let’s begin this new season with another moment to stretch your mind and spark your creative energy. Do something wonderful for yourself. Bring all of your attention to this moment. Breathe in and be still with each question. Give yourself space to feel what you feel; and answer yourself honestly from the deepest depth of the wisdom and power within you. Take a deep breath; sit back and ask yourself 20 more questions.


1.  What if you decided to consider what’s bugging you about that other person as a reflection of something you could work on within yourself?


2.  What if you practiced the feeling of accomplishment even before the victory?


3.  What if you knew how to distinguish between a meaningful new year’s resolution, and a random diversion that won’t bring you satisfaction?


4.  What would you do if you knew you might fail – but even failing couldn’t stop you?


5.  What if you are good enough right now?


6.  What if you trusted your divine wisdom to make fabulous decisions for you?


7.  What if you decided to stay present even within the ordinary moments in the next week?


8.  What if you had permission to make the impossible happen easily?


9.  What if you spoke with more authority and certainty from that deep knowing within you?


10.  What if life just continues to get even better than this moment by moment and day after day?


11.   What if it was never about reaching the goal but enjoying the ride?


12.  Where is there room to make space for more love and light in your day?


13.  What could you do differently if you were willing to stand up for yourself and speak your most difficult truth?


14.  What if you were meant to be bubbling over with joy as a natural state of mind?


15.  What will it feel, sound, smell, look or taste like when you reach your intended result?


16.  How bold, brave, and courageous could you be if you didn’t need to address the fear before you started moving forward?


17.  What more could you accomplish if you allowed them to make their own choices?


18.  Who can you thank for touching your life that does not know they have made a difference?


19.  What if you worked like what you wanted was just around the next corner?


20.  What if being who you really are is even more familiar and magnificent that you imagined?