I’m inviting you to take this moment to stretch your mind and spark your creative energy. Do something lovely for yourself and bring all of your attention to this moment. Pause to be still with each question. Give yourself space to feel what you feel; and answer yourself honestly from the deepest depth of the wisdom and power within you. Take a deep breath; sit back and ask yourself these 20 questions.


1. What if you stop calling it impossible; give yourself the space not to have it all figured out; and simply took the first step to allow that dream to be real?


2. What if instead of talking about what’s wrong with them, you focus on how you can be even better than you have ever been?


3. What if you were a bigger encourager for yourself than you are a critic?


4. What if you feed your curiosity to learn, and interrogate the truth of what you think you know about it?


5.What if you were allowed to have boat loads of fun all along the way?


6. What if more than your words, you pay closer attention to your emotions?


7. What if you stop using excuses and other people as cover for your unspoken fears?


8. What if you could. No seriously, what if you could? Yes, but what if you could?


9. What if you increase the frequency and intensity of your most unbridled expressions of unspeakable joy?


10. What if you forgive and accept exactly who you are in this moment with an overflow of unconditional love and compassion?


11. What if you start taking one step right here to do it in a radically different way?


12. What if you surround yourself with people who challenge you to be a greater representation of your highest possible self?


13. What if you increase your sincere gratitude and appreciation for your current circumstances?


14. What if making abundantly healthier lifestyle choices was something you don’t have to try hard to do?


15. What if instead of over thinking it, you stay mindful and live fully in the awe and wonder of this present moment?


16. What if, despite what it looks like, you trust the brilliance of that still small voice within for just a while longer?


17.  What if you expect to accomplish each and every outrageous idea your divine imagination is coming up with?


18.  What if you are the one with the final say and they’re waiting for you to step into your authority?


19. What if instead of giving up, you decided to notice how things are working out better than you imagined?


20. What if you only say yes to that which aligns with your highest priorities and most purposeful intentions?