You may not be a racist, but you’re in cahoots

When folks hung nooses, attacked his wife and children, questioned his birth, and so on regarding Obama – they were the statistical outliers. But today, the people who support Trump so vehemently and defend him never spoke out against that kind of stuff before, so they were complicit. Yet now they apparently respect the office of the POTUS so much (he was democratically elected)… they want it both ways. I’m not one to say that anyone who supports Trump is an outright racist as a matter of course, but I will say that given the insensitivity, lack of ears for the dog whistles, and lack of a perspective through anyone’s eyes but their own narrow vision; the manifestation of what they purport is racism even without the underlying intent.

They point to the constitution, history/tyranny, patriotism, capitalism vs socialism, and so forth – as if the Boston Tea Party wasn’t forever ago, the Civil War hasn’t already been fought, we’re still bearing arms against King George, and that Trump hasn’t already bastardized the Constitution. These are all excuses and diversions for his incredibly bad behavior (that they use soft language like “gruff” to describe while using terms like piece of shit to describe elder statesmen who disagree with them).

These same people were ready to throw Barack Obama under the bus for the silliest of things like wearing a tan suit, LOL! If you break down their arguments, it all really points back to America being of, for, and by white people, and being scared to death of a country that’s becoming Browner – as no actual power is shifting.

They believe all America’s problems are based on a country gone too far (women, minorities, et al) but frame it differently. They completely IGNORE this country’s history of TERRORISM bestowed upon people who look like me. And when you kneel in protest of THAT ASPECT, they say you hate America or disrespect the military because they can’t see beyond their own noses (everything is about them – entitlement). Opening their minds to any other view would be a challenge to everything they believe (like religion), so it cannot be done; they just might realize that they are not actually superior. They feel that they’ve lost THEIR country, not realizing that they are in fact the ones who hate America, this America for all (in theory), today. Hence, MAGA.

They’re consistently flirting on the margins of just saying it, and when it’s pointed out they say you’re playing the “race card”, which is a stupid thing to say at all given our clear and substantiated history with it. They wish we’d just ‘get over it’ and let them argue the ‘merits’ of their case with the racist undertones swept under the rug.

As evidenced by their repurposing and flirting with arguments for a civil war, they are in fact the ones who need to get over it. They do not know that flying the Confederate flag (to black people) is like flying the Nazi Germany flag in front of Jewish people and telling them to get over it. I forgive them father, for they do not know.

Finally for now, whether it was ancient Mesopotamia or the Roman Empire, civilizations that fail to evolve (while keeping the basic tenants that made them great) eventually preside over their own demise.