If you don’t see the connection between Vladimir Putin and the White House, you’re in denial.  This isn’t about conspiracy theories or political hyperbole.  The dots connect and they fit nicely. And, it’s happening all over the world.

You see, Mr. Putin is savvy, smart, and maniacal all wrapped together.  And, he has an agenda to control the world.  Not to make it a better place, but simply to control it.  Donald Trump is in his hands – already. This means that because the Senate (Mitch McConnell) is complicit, and all House Oversight has been erased, that the United States is in Putin’s hands.  If you think I’m going too far, consider this.  Think about how slowly and tactically a person who’s patient will execute a plan. Next think about (if you’re aware and able) what decisions, policies, and so forth would be in Putin’s interest if he could “puppet” a US President. Consider a world view (not abortion, State’s Rights, taxes, etc. – these are merely benefits for the far right currently).  Finally, consider all of the Trump administration’s actions.  There you have it.

With Putin’s help, Trump is disciplined (the only things he’s disciplined in) in carrying out a plan that plants seeds along the way so that later on they can be harvested.  It’s done over and again.  For example, the seeds of a coup (unheard of in any discussion in the United States) are planted so that when the Trump administration MAY possibly be held accountable, this card if you will can be played.  Or, the card of Treason (completely out of context and inaccurate per Trump’s use) will be used against his political enemies.  He’s beginning to investigate his political foes, as promised.  To Donald Trump, acts against the United States of America is interpreted as against Donald Trump – that’s what he believes. Jailing your “enemies”?

The idea of Civil War has even been floated. In fact, as I worked in a political campaign in 2018 and traveled to many outposts, if you will, a gentleman at one location was adamant with me about how close we would be to civil war if folks came after Trump too aggressively.  And if you live in the South, and other places, you see multiples of people (versus even 10 years ago) with ATV’s, guns, and stocked ammunition. Militias across the northwest are practicing serious war games in the woods and so on.  What are they practicing for?  Did you see how emboldened they became even before Trump won?  Remember the old guy at a Trump rally who simply threw a punch at a young African-American man?  Trump had no reaction to this.  The race issue is a complete book within itself so I need not go too far there. It’s quite clear what Trump responds to and doesn’t. It simply depends on the victim(s) and/or the perpetrator(s) – beyond predictable.  He’s very close to not even being apologetic or pretending it’s not true at this point.

Putin has told Trump to not acquiesce under any circumstances, so he will not.  There is a plan. It is and was Constitutional Crisis.  Donald Trump is going to force the hand of the law by eventually taking the position and eventually probably actually saying, “What are you going to do, arrest me?”  This will happen if somehow congress and the courts are able to come together with what now amounts to a rogue state – literally. It’s more than scary that Mr. Trump has his finger on the button of nuclear weapons and there is no doubt in my mind (maybe not nuclear) that he is willing to start a war (Iran) as a distraction to the heat on himself/his finances. This is as real as it gets.

Things are beginning to come to fruition that some of us expected (maybe not this far) and others mused couldn’t possibly happen.  Donald Trump has no conscious. Donald Trump has no boundaries.  Donald Trump is will to say anything. Eventually, if he’s successful in taking over the government militarily (and he’s done legislatively/2 branches of government), he’s be willing to DO ANYTHING. Anything. That’s who he is. That’s who he is. So, language like a coup against him, is what he’ll be fighting in theory (sold to the base – backed by McConnell and the ‘swing’ vote called Cavanaugh). This is a scary time.

Believe it or not, I never believed in conspiracy theories before. Never. I always said that our system of checks and balances was too strong and nearly perfect. It could be stretched, bent, torn, but never broken.  For all the issues and major shortcomings of the founding fathers with regard to race, gender, justice and so on: in this constitutional thing they were genius.  They put in all the stops to, well STOP, a person like Donald Trump. Today it is being stretched to the brink of failure.  What will happen then?

I wrote an article about 3 years ago about the poor white people who supported Donald Trump blindly based on the ‘race card’, a term I hate.  I talked about how they’d be right there in the districts as Trump and his cronies (like Putin) looked to create a society that looked like The Hunger Games.  Doe’s art mirror reality or does reality mirror art?  The difference is that those in Appalachia, Mississippi, the rust belt (in 2016), and others who put him in office – would have in such a scenario voted for their own demise unwittily. In any case, this is what I mused about 3 years ago insightfully with regard to who Trump is and Putin’s influence.  But I never thought he could get so much support from Congress.

Going further into conspiracies.  Remember the first lesson in elementary school of “he who smelt it dealt it”?  Remember the psychology 101 theories of projection?  So consider the whole Fox News and Donald Trump Deep State nonsense.  This is again, the kind of thing they’ll use to justify fighting against, for “you”. Why is congress so complicit? One might consider three simple possibilities:

  1. They are compromised per their own behaviors. Putin is a master of this kind of thing given his background. I’m sure that he’s gathered tremendous dirt on many of them.  What came first, chicken or the egg? ‘Men’ who behave as those in congress have behaved of late are clearly of the character that there is plenty dirt on them.  Putin has it – they know it. It’s been communicated (perhaps individually): multiple little dossiers out there.
  2. They are compromised financially. It’s more than possible that many of them have accepted money in the past or have been promised fortunes in the future.   Putin can afford it and perhaps has been working on it/them for years now.  No one talks about it.  ‘Men’ who behave as those in congress have behaved of late can clearly be bought.  We can’t have it both ways.
  3. Race. We understand the direction of the country ethnically. By 2050 the United States will be a majority of minorities. This not only threatens but it is an inevitable truth that voting patterns are changing. Take a look at Texas, for example.  With that said, we’re watching a POLITICAL HAIL MARY by Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, William Barr, and so on.  They know that unless they “succeed” in “shutting this whole thing down” (as the former Missouri Politician said about abortion under ‘real’ rape) it’s a wrap, period, end of story.  They still own everything and essentially all the wealth, they need to hold onto the political power.  ‘Men’ who behave as those in congress have behaved of late will do anything to hold onto power; including taking it.

It’s beyond simply wanting to hold onto their seats in congress.  This is deep stuff. Deeper than any of us know, but we talk about it every day as if there is a single solitary thing normal going on. The goal posts have been moved. All conversations begin and end with the ridiculous, extraordinary, and an attempt at bringing the conversation to something normal. But we’re so far away from center that the conversation can’t even move toward anything truly meaningful – that looks like truth or reality.

We are seeing Putin’s talking points and agenda form 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. – in plain sight:

  • Whether it’s treason
  • Or a coup
  • Or the media as the enemy of the State
  • Or lawlessness for the rich
  • Or putting your people on the courts
  • Or going after your political enemies
  • Or having State media (Fox News)
  • Or shaping the narrative for control and power – versus truth
  • Or meeting Russians in oval office to update on Comey – no US press
  • Or sidebars World Summits with Putin – no US officials/notes confiscated
  • Or finally getting ready to openly give Putin secrets (Barr will declassify) – slowly & methodically releasing & normalizing it all
  • Or consistently flat out lying
  • And more…


Vladimir Putin owns Donald Trump. Full Stop.