The loss of a family member or friend can happen to anyone. Sometimes you’re prepared for it; other times, it’s sudden and jarring. Regardless of circumstances, everyone needs time and space to grieve after the death of a loved one.

It’s easy to grant an employee a few days of bereavement leave to attend services and take care of estate planning. But what happens when your grieving worker returns? Their pain and sorrow won’t magically disappear just because they’re back in the office. You’ll want to extend a little extra kindness and consideration to that person as they move through the stages of grief.

Members of Forbes Coaches Council each offered one way to show support for employees when they return from bereavement leave.

  1. Allow Them To Make Mistakes

  2. Initiate Communication And An Open Door

  3. Be Flexible

  4. Ask Them What They Need

  5. Create Systematic Support Program

  6. Suggest Grief Counseling

  7. Cultivate A Family Culture

  8. Be Authentic

  9. Foster Psychological Safety

  10. Create An Opportunity For Impact

  11. Actively Listen

  12. Be Respectful, But Stay The Course

  13. Offer Compassion And A Positive Presence

  14. Don’t Ignore Or Avoid Them


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