There will be plenty more student-athletes like Silvio De Sousa who will be unfairly punished thanks to actions of the adults around them.

The Kansas Jayhawks, owners of 14 consecutive Big 12 regular-season titles, lost to Kansas State, 74-67, on Tuesday night.

But the Kansas player who lost the most wasn’t even in uniform. He’s been forced to sit on the sideline and watch helplessly all season as the NCAA proves once again, despite their glowing commercials that say otherwise, that they could care less about some of their student-athletes.

Jayhawks sophomore Silvio De Sousa’s college career was effectively ended last week when the NCAA meted out one of the harshest punishments that a Division I men’s basketball player has ever received.

De Sousa has not played a game this year. He’s been ruled ineligible to compete this season and next year as well. The next time he’s in a game will probably be on a professional basketball court.

So what was his egregious crime?

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