One of the world’s best players, Trevor Baptiste didn’t have a single D-I scholarship offer heading into his senior year of high school.

The remarkable story of Trevor Baptiste (known in elite lacrosse circles as “The Beast”) becoming one of the world’s best and most dominant athletes almost ended in the exact place where it started back when he was around three years old.

Baptiste was attending a friend’s birthday party at a community swimming pool in New Jersey and enjoying every minute of it. With a life vest adorning his chest and floaties tightly hugging his arms, he was having a ball jumping around in the shallow end of the pool.

Eyeing some friends that had gotten out of the water to grab some food, Baptiste followed suit. Prior to enjoying his snack, he’d rid himself of the flotation devices as he scrambled around the perimeter of the pool.

After satisfying his hunger, he excitedly ran and jumped back in the water. But he did so without a life vest and floaties. He’d leaped into the deep end. And he couldn’t swim.

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