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The United States has spent billions of dollars, sacrificed the lives of brave soldiers, and been relentless and clear about its position against ISIS and AL-QAEDA. The United States has all but yielded ISIS crippled and ineffective, until now. And while many believe that we’ve had many soldiers on the ground in the fight, it’s actually the Kurds whom have done the heavy lifting on the ground – soldiers in boots, while the US has provided air support.  US soldiers have “policed” the situation and engaged in “special” activities for the most part.  With that said, the Kurds have been our unmistakable ALLY throughout this fight for years! The Kurds have been our unyielding ALLY throughout this fight for years!

The Kurds have held down and fought ISIS in the country of Syria for over five years now, with the back-up of a small (about 2,000 troops) contingent of US soldiers as back up and “big guns” looking over their shoulders; keeping the region stable.  As a result, thousands and thousands of ISIS fighters and supporters (would be terrorist – DIRECT threats to the US – versus the southern border crossings) have been imprisoned or detained for years in Syria.

NOTE: Russia DIRECTLY props up and supports Syria’s murderous dictator, Bashar al-Assad.  Both Putin (Russia) and Iran would very much like this US support to end and for Assad to have control of his country completely (completely opposing agenda from US). In fact, Iran would love a direct route to Israel, and Assad regaining control would do exactly that, as they’re allied.

The President of the United States, Donald  J. Trump, whom I believe is in debt to Vladimir Putin in various ways and also has properties in Turkey, just had a phone call less than two weeks ago with Erdoğan (the  Prime Minister of Turkey). Immediately after that phone call he called our US troops in the region off, as in away, as in stop backing up the Kurds.  Trump had no discussion with congress at all.

As a result (more details but keeping it short enough for anyone to get the basics), nearly 80,000 ISIS fighters and supporters have essentially made jail-break; literally.  As a result, Turkey is moving in and killing/fighting the Kurds.  So, because the United States abruptly and without warning turned its back on its ally (the Kurds), they had to make a deal to survive. They made this deal with Assad and Russia.  We don’t know if it will stand (they may be getting played) but they were desperate.  As a result, the US forces that were backing up the Kurds to the south have now been fired upon by Turkey from the North as Turkey moves in.  And, as the US troops move out they’ve vacated a base in Manbij, Syria.  The chaos that is about to break loose (all hell?) is almost unimaginable. The damage done to the US reputation around the globe for cutting and running on an Ally is already done.

Now, coincidently (wink-wink), Russia has occupied that very base and Russian military police are patrolling the area. Mr. Trump set the fire, and is now pretending to want to put it out.  I’ve always thought (through my own observation) that Trump was a tool for Putin.  This is further evidence in my mind’s eye. So, this was as short as I could write/explain this.

Now, Trump is going to gaslight us as he’s done consistently – he’ll tell you up is down and right is left and so on.  I do think however as these facts unfold before our very eyes, it’ll be a tougher sell, even to his low information base and the base that is well read but in some sort of trance.


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