It’s been proven that when a team includes people of different genders, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc., it produces more creative, innovative and effective results. That’s because diverse groups offer a wider range of experiences, and don’t simply parrot back the same old ideas produced by people of similar backgrounds.

But diversity doesn’t just happen on its own: Companies need to actively seek and recruit candidates from a variety of backgrounds to ensure they’re not inadvertently creating a homogenous workforce.

We asked 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council to share their best advice for attracting a more diverse talent pool.

  1. Know Yourself And Your Candidates

  2. Meet Them Where They Are

  3. Don’t Look At Names

  4. Collect Referrals From Your Existing Employees

  5. Let Candidates Know You Value Diversity

  6. Try Unique Candidate-Scanning Techniques

  7. Segment Diversity Prospects And Target Appropriately

  8. Partner With Schools

  9. Avoid The ‘Quick Hire’

  10. Create A Company Culture That Supports Diversity

  11. Make Your Search Intentional

  12. Look Beyond Your Usual Places

  13. Build A Diverse Management Team First

  14. Send The Right Message In Your Employer Marketing

  15. Advertise In Diverse Media


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