The man didn’t run from a challenge, he embraced an even bigger one, coming for King James’ crown on the only stage that matters.

I need help. Last July, there were many folks out there who defecated on themselves, soiling their pampers publicly when Kevin Durant announced his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. They yelled, screamed and called the man weak, not seeming to care about the putrid odor coming from their desire to insert themselves into another man’s life and career decisions.

Some called it the “weakest move ever.” I countered by saying that “The Weakest Move Ever Is Having A Tantrum About Kevin Durant.

Seeing KD’s arrival back on the Finals stage, and how he’s seized this moment to educate the uneducated about how truly special he is, has been enjoyable to me. That’s because I appreciate brilliance, excellence and all-time greatness. And that’s what KD, and the entire Golden State construct, has given us through this 14-0 playoff run.

So let’s flash back for a minute. Last year, the self-absorbed bulbous-headed blabber-mouths were apoplectic, claiming that KD was “running away” from a challenge towards a microwaveable title that would somehow be devalued.

And my answer to that lunacy was that he wasn’t running away from the challenge, but rather towards a bigger one. What he ran towards was the challenge of the only thing that seems to matter in sports today in terms of creating an everlasting legacy. And that is collecting rings as an Alpha Dog.

Do you recall the atmosphere around Gary Payton and Karl Malone, two of the game’s all-time greats, joining Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers in pursuit of an NBA title? Everybody wants to put this onus on LeBron and  KD for this supposed poisonous and brotherly AAU culture that is ruining the competitive nature of the sport, and this evil concept of the “Super Team.”

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