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Kenneth L. Fikes

A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina Mr. Fikes graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 1990 with a B.A. in African-American Studies. Directly out of college he became an Options Trader with a major Philadelphia firm and then moved on to become a Portfolio Manager with a nationally respected North Carolina firm. From there he went to work as a fiscal analyst responsible for development, oversight, and appropriations advice for more than 16 government agencies – before being promoted into the role of Director of Operations for another government entity. Next Kenny went back to the private sector as Regional Manager for a large national bank for several years until the combination of market forces and an impending buyout from another national brand led Mr. Fikes to entrepreneurial pursuits and eventually the startup of Sydney Capital LLC as Principal. There has engaged in a variety of ventures ranging from rural real estate development, financial consulting on electric power infrastructure pricing and construction in Mozambique, construction, temporary staffing, transportation, and business development consulting.

Kenny has worked and built a tremendous wealth of knowledge in the construction industry over the last nine years working with several small to large companies on projects with municipalities, two major universities and several federal agencies. In addition to financial analysis, proposal preparation, and business development (nationwide), he has also managed construction projects.

Given a somewhat eclectic body of work across industries, he is also called upon sparingly for customized consulting projects - particularly when there isn’t an accomplished expert for the issue at hand or the solution must be developed along the course of work and research. Ubuntu Living Inc, which Kenny founded, is a great passion for him: a 501c3 that helps men and women transitioning back into productive space from either incarceration or other life challenges. Primarily, Ubuntu provides residential space.

My Writing

In a deficit people adjust - or suffer. In the absence of leadership they have to be innovative and resourceful - or fade. With the intractable noise of judgment and propaganda, reliable information is scarce. To enjoy the benefit of meaningful exchange written from the voice of highly regarded, accomplished, “true-to-the-cause” folks with integrity would be extraordinary. Here, you’ll receive powerful connecting facts, observations, and heartfelt empirical experiences - coupled with undeniable educational pedigree.

Frustrated with a lack of focus on meaningful discourse as well as accurate and true information; I called upon friends and associates of thirty-plus years. They agreed about the need for true and applicable information, shared from a fresh perspective and have joined me in this project. We hope to bring together a comprehensive collaboration of practical, useful, and relevant information in one place.

Information is the perfect armor for facing today’s challenges. Think of as an inspiring education being delivered to you in segments; or as believed in classical antiquity: the essential elements for a free person to know in order to play an active role in civic life. It’s a resource that should be impactful to your thinking and lend itself to your daily aspiration of self-improvement. Address goals, fears, everyday issues, and even anger with a cross section of solid, practical, and reasoned discourse. Absorb years of insight derived from unparalleled intellectual curiosity; coupled with empirical experience hence resulting in wisdom.

Dig in and collect maximum intellectual stock that is both credentialed and culturally competent. This is our version of “keeping it real.” Always be taken seriously. Get armed, empower others, make your case, and tell your story with courage and conviction. Work toward solutions and building.

It is our hope to bring a new level of complexed clarity that will culminate in bringing greater fullness to your lives.

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