Football is just a game, but Josh Gordon’s daily struggle is one of life and death.

“If you ever come looking for me, you know where I’m bound to be, in the bottle.
Turn around, look around on any corner, if you see some brother looking like a goner, it’s gonna be me…” – Gil Scott-Heron, The Bottle.

When Gil Scott-Heron’s classic cut, The Bottle, is pumped over a booming system, it’s easy to get lost in the incredible musicianship and elements that make your body vibrate. It takes some moments of reflection to become fully immersed in the lyricism and its inherent, biting social sermon and commentary on alcoholism and addiction.

In a parallel sports universe, it was easy to become enthralled with watching Josh Gordon‘s majestic athleticism, speed, strength and skills as a wide receiver on the football field.

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