When hiring, you’re looking for the best person to fill the open position at your company. But what happens when you come across an overqualified candidates?

There is a tendency to shy away from overqualified candidates, but too much experience or education aren’t good reasons to disqualify a candidate from your search. We asked experts from the Forbes Coaches Council what they would do if they came across an overqualified candidate. Some of their answers may surprise you.

1. Examine Your Biases

2. Define ‘Overqualified’

3. Think About Culture Fit

4. Leverage Their Strengths

5. Place A Premium On Urgency

6. Define A Unique Progression Plan

7. Look For The Right Fit

8. Watch Out for Ageism

9. Laser In On Skillset and Humility

10. Consider Future Needs

11. Engage And Motivate Through Career Development

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