When people don’t feel safe, they’re not inclined to take risks. They may see opportunities to improve things or have differing ideas on how to approach a problem. But if the thought of stepping forward creates a sense of danger, most people are going to think twice. This means hindered development, both for the company and for the team members.

So how can your organization better promote psychological safety at work? Members of Forbes Coaches Council suggest taking the following approaches:

  1. Create Rules Of Engagement 
  2. Take Action And Confront The Behavior 
  3. Educate Key Staff And Leaders About Mental Health First Aid
  4. Engage Through Generative Dialogue
  5. Embrace Radical Candor
  6. Adopt A Learning Mindset 
  7. Bring Employees Together
  8. Develop Their Mental Toughness 
  9. Promote Responsibility
  10. Encourage Compassion 
  11. Focus On Being Trustworthy 
  12. Promote And Cultivate Mindsets That Value Listening And Diversity
  13. Practice Positive Feedback
  14. Value People More Than Processes 
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