With the Cavaliers poised for their first Final Four appearance since 1984, Carla Williams is proving to be one of the country’s best ADs.

In The Shadow League’s latest series, The Climb, we highlight remarkable individuals on the business side of the games we love who are just as important as the athletes who play them.

Today’s feature shines a light on University of Virginia Athletic Director Carla Williams.


Growing up in the foothills of the Georgia Piedmont in the town of LaGrange, Carla Williams was immersed in sports for as long as she can remember.
Whatever sport was in session, she was outside playing with her friends and cousins.
“Everyone in the neighborhood was always playing something, and we grew up about 100 yards away from the local rec center,” said Williams. “LaGrange was ‘Small Town USA’ and it was a sports town. So athletics was always a big part of my life growing up.”

Both of her parents came from humble beginnings, and the family fabric was very strong and informative from her earliest days. They didn’t have much in the form of material wealth or possessions, but there was an abundance of love and values that made everything else seem insignificant in comparison.

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