If I you would allow me to have your attention for just a moment, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.

Listen, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for the tough choices you are making today. Seriously, thank you! Thank you for shining your light in the world. I see it. I see you. You inspire me to shine my light brighter too. Thank you for deciding to allow more meaning and satisfaction into your world.

Really, I know today is a busy day, but I don’t want to forget to tell you how absolutely fantastic you are. Thank you for sharing your unique gift with the universe. Thank you for creating the space for your highest possible self to show up and be the uniquely amazing soul that you have always been. Thank you for the wonderfully positive energy that you bring into a room. Thank you for being responsible and accountable for your words and actions. Thank you for managing how you feel and bringing such wonderful light into a space. You shift atmospheres and pull conversations into a more constructive place. I don’t tell you often enough but it means so much. Thank you for the positive thoughts that shape your moods. Your bright disposition is contagious and thankfully no one is immune. Thank you for the positive acts of gentleness and kindness, particularly to the people who are not so gentle and kind to you. Thank you for choosing those positive loving words when you have every reason to be mean and angry.

I know it is a choice for you to live your life with so much purpose and meaning. I know you chose to be inspiring, and peaceful, and joyful. Thank you for remembering that your circumstances don’t define who you are. Thank you for understanding your current circumstances are just where you are at this moment. Thank you for defining what success looks like for your own life. Thank you for remembering all that you have already achieved. Thank you for celebrating who you are and all that you’ve done so far. Thank you for acknowledging the focus and determination it takes to do the wonderful things you do. I hope reading all of this is not difficult for you. I wrote these words especially for you. I know you are not always comfortable with praise. I just want you to know how much it means that you are simply being the best version of you.

Thank you for staying on the path toward the greater visions you have for your life and this world. Thank you for summoning the internal strength to keep moving toward your goals. Thank you for overcoming that obstacle in your path. Your shift in perspective is simply amazing. You make it look so much easier than it is, but I want you to know that I realize it is not always easy. Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to make those tough choices based on your highest purpose and greatest good.

Speaking of tough choices, thank you for loving yourself enough to respect and enforce your own personal boundaries. Thank you for loving and caring for yourself in a way that also shows such great care and concern for those around you. The honesty and integrity that you bring to this day is not going unnoticed. I see you. I appreciate how you make others feel good by the way you treat them. Thank you for the way you remind yourself that you are worthy of the greatest love and respect in that very moment when someone else seems to question your value. Thank you for realizing that their attitude is more about how they feel about themselves. It is so beautiful of you not to take how they act toward you personally. Thank you for sowing seeds of love and life into their spirits and reminding them that they also have a higher self and a higher purpose. It may have been a while since someone reminded them. Trust me when I tell you, you touch their heart. Your words resonate in their soul. Your connection is leaving a lasting positive impression. Thank you.

Thank you for living your life in service to others. Thank you for being important enough to lead and humble enough to be led. Thank you for accepting yourself for exactly who you are. I really must thank you for those moments when you fall short of being purposeful. Thank you for your authenticity and modesty. Thank you for being aware in the moment and brilliant in your own imperfect humanity. Thank you for asking for forgiveness and admitting your flaws and mistakes. I appreciate your transparency and even your sense of humor. How great is it that you don’t take yourself so seriously? Thank you.

Oh, I can’t forget to tell you thanks for the smiles, happiness, and uncontrolled laughter. I love to hear you laugh! Thank you for finding real joy and laughter in all kind of situations. I admire the way the joy in your heart just bubbles up all over your spirit. Thank you so much! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Before you go, I really want to thank you for sharing this moment of gratitude. Thank you for receiving these words. I wrote them specifically for you. Thank you for allowing these words to bring more calm, peace, good thoughts and unspeakable joy to your day.